August 2019 – HRC Circuit Breaker Mounting Kits & NEMA Enclosures

This month we’re going to focus on ROMAC Electrical Power Equipment’s HRC division. HRC (Hardware Resource Company) manufactures circuit breaker and switch mounting kits to fit a wide variety of breakers, switches, and panelboards. In addition to hardware kits, HRC produces an entire line of 200-1200 amp NEMA 1 and 3REZ Can enclosures . Coupled with a full range of circuit breaker mounting kits, EZ Can enclosures can house different makes and models of breakers in a single enclosure!
In addition to the many kits we stock, HRC can fabricate custom mounting kits to meet your specific specifications. HRC hardware kits and EZ Can enclosures are of unsurpassed quality and, of course, made in the USA


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