Medium Voltage Breakers – September 2020 Hotwire

It’s fall again! We’re putting new equipment into stock every day. This month, on the Hotwire, we’re featuring some medium voltage and air breakers in great shape–thoroughly tested–and ready for duty. Our PCI team has a full-featured new mini-switch in development, and we’re making our online stores–at and eBay–even more convenient with more shipping […]

August Hotwire – Buying recon and surplus in uncertain times.

This month we’re featuring 19 Siemens 95 MCC sections, a reminder about the practicality of buying recon and surplus in uncertain times, and an HRC EZCan video. You’ll also find some exceptional new items on and our eBay store. We’re here to find the electrical equipment that you need, so take a look at what we have, and […]

American Independence -July 2020 Hotwire

Greetings Everyone,Although most 4th of July festivities were curtailed this year, we can all celebrate American independence by continuing to move onward and upward despite the challenges we’re all facing. Here at ROMAC, we’ll continue to do our part by providing the highest quality electrical equipment to the professionals that keep the power flowing. This […]

Meet our New National Sales Manager, Look at a Huge Lineup.

To say that it has been a tumultuous year so far is an understatement. We’re all facing challenges and changes. Luckily a lot of changes are positive! This month ROMAC is introducing our new national sales manager and expanding our eCommerce product offerings at and eBay. We’re also going to show off our finished […]

Shallow Depth LI Switches, 38kV Lineups,, eBay, and more

Change is inevitable, and over the last couple of months, the world has seen quite a few changes. However, one thing that has always remained constant is ROMAC’s commitment to our customers. We continue to produce and source dependable, high-quality electrical equipment to the professionals who need it. We will continue to do so long […]