Shallow Depth LI Switches, 38kV Lineups,, eBay, and more

Change is inevitable, and over the last couple of months, the world has seen quite a few changes. However, one thing that has always remained constant is ROMAC’s commitment to our customers. We continue to produce and source dependable, high-quality electrical equipment to the professionals who need it. We will continue to do so long after the current crisis has passed. 

Change can be a positive thing too! ROMAC’s PCI product group is continually developing new switchgear designs to make placement and serviceability more convenient, and our new UL listed slim LI switch design does just that. We’re also adding more and more product lines to our eCommerce website and our eBay store. To top everything off, we’re working on an enormous 38kV switchgear lineup that’s the size of a small house. All that and more are waiting for you in this month’s Hotwire.


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